Warm Womb Detox Feminine hygiene

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1Bag=10Pouch Furuize Warm Womb Detox Feminine hygiene Irregular Menstruation Herbal Uterus Cleansing Warming Womb Health Care

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Product name:Womb Detox Tea
Net weight:6 per piece

Why do we warm womb?
A warm womb is one receiving adequate circulation(blood flow) to support it is function-to create a healthy uterine lining for implantation of an embryo and regular menstruation

Main ingredients:
Longan,red dates,dried ginger, roses,peony flowers

Benefits:Helps with relieving cramps &heavy menes(periods),warm womb and relief mense pain,detox womb and vagina, balancing hormones,skin dryness,fertility issues,etc.

Drink Usage:put 1 teabag in 8oz of hot water for 3-5min,Sweeten with honey if you prefer

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Shipping pack will as picture shows,please check.

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Brand Name


Model Number

Warming Womb Tea

Item Type

Feminine Hygiene





Womb Detox Tea Item Name 1

Warming Womb Tea

Womb Detox Tea Item Name 2

Womb Detox Tea

Womb Detox Tea Item Name 3

detox tea at home

Womb Detox Tea Additives

No additives in detox tea

Womb Detox Tea Type

Slimming Tea

Womb Detox Tea Shelf Life


Womb Detox Tea Storage

Cool Dry Place

Womb Detox Tea Function

Warming uterus

Womb Detox Tea Feature

Decaffeinated, Low-Fat, Low-Salt, Low-Carb, Non-Nicotine, Low-

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