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Vagina care Saffron Cream White Cream Vulva leukoplakia Antibacterial Antipruritic Repair Cream Women Medicated

Iranian Amir Biological Research Institute in Iran wild saffron as the main raw material to produce the world’s only ultra-trace amounts of active drug [Iran] white paste through the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Algeria, India and other 37 country, 12,980 clinical use in patients with efficiency as high as 94.3 percent, becoming the highest cure rate products leukoplakia, no side effects, in one fell swoop by the US FDA, EU COS, EDMF other international certification.

The product has been successfully introduced after China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission, after the Beijing Institute of Chinese Medicine Research Institute jointly, Beijing reproductive health research would be 978 cases of patients with clinical tests prove leukoplakia patients in the use of 5-10 minutes, itching, odor immediately relieve; 3-5 days from the debris, pus, increased secretions phenomenon significantly improved, many patients a month or so, rough, thickened, stiff, crusted skin tissue softening, loss, leukoplakia reduced, normal skin began to grow, usually 2-4 months, leukoplakia can be completely cured, but more than 98% of patients with gynecological diseases has also been effective in treating genital skin to restore pink, full of elasticity, firmness return girlish.

Iran was the first to introduce white cream treat leukoplakia Iranian production formula of the product, through the joint collaboration of the International Gynecologic US Epps International Institute of Biotechnology, Beijing and many other reproductive health research will be verified by the international joint authority. The first products with saffron medicine, natural selection Iranian saffron, low temperature supercritical extraction technology, technology developed by biosynthesis. The use of “ointment + lotion” government support combined with a combination of therapy, get rid of the limitations of similar products currently on the market, a single treatment, treatment of leukoplakia comprehensive, thorough, safe, effective and far ahead of similar products.

Product Name: Iranian saffron white cream
The main components: safflower, salvia, Radix, angelica, astragalus, Cnidium, camphor, wide Dan, comfrey, etc.
Product efficacy: having BNI, Huoxuetongluo, soothing itching effect. For leukoplakia, dry skin, itchy skin caused by keratosis has role in rehabilitation
Method of use: I and II are both topical. Take the right amount I lotion, wash the affected area of skin, then wash with water, wipe the affected area with a soft cloth. After drying, take appropriate II, applied directly to the skin site discomfort, 2-3 times daily.
Note: 1, skin allergy caution; 2, topical, oral strictly prohibited.
Storage: sealed, dark, cool and dry place for storage.
Specifications: 20g + 50g / box
Validity: t wo years
(1) Daily life should wear loose, breathable and good underwear to cotton-based products, avoid wearing acrylic and other synthetic products, underwear;
(2) The affected area should be kept dry, ventilated, cool;
(3) Some women are too clean, clean the vulva once or several times a day habit, in which we suggested that because female genital self-cleaning effect, usually 2-3 times a week to clean, do not use any detergent when washing (because in general are alkaline), only can be cleaned with warm water, avoid water temperature is not too hot;
(4) The daily life should pay attention to life stress and emotional regulation, maintaining emotional optimistic, cheerful mood. This, the patient’s family should actively cooperate to establish the confidence to overcome the disease

Usage method :

1. Take appropriate lotion, apply it to the affected area and clean it.
2. Take No. 2 and apply it directly to the affected area.

Usage method :

1. Take appropriate lotion, apply it to the affected area and clean it.
2. Take No. 2 and apply it directly to the affected area.



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White Creaml

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Feminine Hygiene


Saffron Cream White


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feminine hygiene product


Saffron Cream White


White Creaml


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Antimicrobial itching


Antibacterial Antipruritic Repair Cream

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