Ultrasonic Sonic Dental Scaler Tooth Calculus Remover



Product Description




100% new high quality.


Color: As the picture shows


1.Item Type: Sonic Dental Calculus Removal


2.Head Material: Medical grade stainless steel


3.Waterproof: IPX7


4.Voltage: 90-250V


5.Frequency:30000 times / min


6.Clean Modes: Teeth Stain;TartarStubborn Calculus


7.Working Time: 2 hours


8.Continuously Used. 40 Days Stand by


9:New Deign: Two interchangeable heads


10:Creative Deign: With LED Light


11:Operating mode: Cleaning mode/Normal mode/Soft mode


12:Weight: 300g


13:Recommended to buy with a set


14:Already have relevant certificates: FCC/LVD/EMC/ROHS/CE (For customers who need, please consult our sales staff)






��Electric Dental Calculus Remover can effectively removs dental plaque,dental calculus and stains,removes hard tartar easily from the teeth preventing gum disease.


��Acoustic wave technology, 30000 times per minute high intensity frequency, effectively smash the stubborn calculus, reduce the damages to the enamel and gum, which may caused by manual dental tools.


��Anti-creeping and waterproof security system.Automatic outage after fully charged, auto-protective and energy saving.


��3 Grades of adjustable frequency to remove stubborn calculus, tartar and teeth stain. Using the remover in your current dental care routine will decrease the level of bacteria in the mouth resulting in a fresher breath. Excellent as dental hygienist gifts.


��Household design, convenient to have dental care at home, remove the attachment on teeth in time, prevent periodontal diseases. Selected 304 stainless steel head, safe and long service life,can work for about 3 years.


��Full upgrade, creative LED light design,easier to clean, more effective cleaning of dirt and dirt




Steps for usage


1.The first use, will be recharged for more than 2 hours until completely discharged , Reference to charging description.


2.Press the boot button to turn on, adjust the key position throughthe upper and lower adjustment buttons, and start cleaning the parts that need cleaning.


3.After cleaning the teeth, wash the metal head with flowing cleanwater. Clean the Department to wipe the body of the tooth cleaner.





1. Professional grade alloy metal cleaning head, cleaning effect very nice;


2. Three adjustable, suitable for different needs;


3.Intelligent high frequency vibration, effective removal of dental calculus and so on;


4.Whole body design, beautiful and generous;


5.The battery is durable and practical.


Electric Oral Irrigator

Commodity Quality Certification


Age Group


Model Number


Item Type

Oral Irrigator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

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