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LCD Smart Air Freshener For Homes Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Hotel Bathroom Toilet Fragrance Perfume Sprayer Machine Wall Mount
1.Three working day setting modes:
①From Monday to Friday
②From Monday to Saturday
③From Monday to Sunday
2.Can be set start and stop time at will(0-24h).
3.Spray intervals can range from 1 minute to 60 minutes.
4.Numbers of spray can be checked.
5.Built in LCD clock displays time.
Name:Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
Material:ABS Plastic
Power:2*D Cell Battery (product Not include,you need to buy them yourself)
Capacity:300ml Can Air Freshener(product Not include, you need to buy it yourself)
Iterm Size:Approx.8.3cm*8.8cm*23.8cm
1* Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
1*User Manual(English)
1*Plastic Key
2*Screw Anchor
Dispenser should be positioned at a height of 7-9 feet above the floor for effectiveness and safety.
1.Place the Dispenser in the location to be mounted,make marks on wall.
2.Drill holes at the marks in wall,then insert anchors and mounting screws.
3.Ensure the dispenser is mounted securely to the wall.
Caution:Do not aim the nozzle at face to avoid being sprayed in the eyes.
Operation Instructions:
1.POWER button:ON/OFF button.If you do not use the product for a long time, please turn off the machine to save battery power.
2.TEST :Press TEST button,the unit will spray one time which means the unit is normal.Long press TEST button for 5s,the dispenser will in factory settings.
Factory setting:
START(00:00),STOP(00:00),COUNT(0),INTERVEL(15),WEEK (weekly working day :from Monday to Friday),CLOCK( 00:00,Monday)
3.SET:Press SET button,the aerosol dispenser will enter a cyclic setting mode as the followings:
a.START(to set start working time):When START shows at screen top left,press UP and DN to set working hours (00-23) and minutes (00-59).After start time setting is completed,press ENT to enter next setting.
b.STOP(to set stop working time ):When STOP shows at screen top ,press UP and DN to set stop time hours (00-23) and minutes (00-59).After stop time setting is completed,press ENT to enter next setting.
c.COUNT(to count spray times):When COUNT shows at screen top right,the number on screen indicates spray times.
d.INTERVAL(to set spray intervals):When INREVAL shows on screen bottom right,press UP and DN to set spray interval (00-59mins).After interval setting is completed,press ENT to enter next setting.
e.WEEK(to set working schedule):When WEEK shows at screen bottom ,press UP and DN to set working schedule(3 modes optional):
①From Monday to Friday
②From Monday to Saturday
③From Monday to Sunday
After stop time setting is completed,press ENT to enter next setting.
f.CLOCK(to set current time ):When CLOCK shows at screen bottom left,press UP and DN to set current time(Minute,Hour and Week)
Note:Press ENT to save every settings,after setting current week,press ENT to enter normal working status.If there is no operation within 9 seconds during setup, the system will automatically return to working status.
4.When the machine is on working schedule,it shows ON on screen,conversely,it shows OFF on
5.When machine is low battery,the indicator at the screen bottom left will flash,at the same time, the machine speaker will sound every 5 seconds to remind the user to replace the battery in time
The machine will hold settings for 45 seconds while changing the batteries.Otherwise all settings will revert back to a factory settings


Model Number

B-301 Air Freshener Dispenser


Automatic Aerosol Dispenser


Air Freshener For Home


Home Air Freshener

Spray Interval

Interval 1-60s can be set

Working Time Setup


Working Day Setup



ABS Plastic

Iterm Size



Toilet,Bathroom,Hotel,Public Place




2*D Cell Battery(Product Not include)

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