Shuya Anion Santitary Napkin Menstrual Pads

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10packs Shuya Anion Santitary Napkin Mestrual Pads Panty Liners for daily use Women Health Care Anion Pads Sanitary Towel


Name:Anion Sanitary Napkin , shu ya anion

Material:Non-Woven, Anion Chip, Soft Cotton,Super Absorption

Oxygen far IR and anion sanitary napkin

1. Active Oxygen
2. Anion =Negative ion
3. Far Infrared

SHUYA active oxygen and far IR and anion sanitary napkin is made of eight layers with food grade

1st layer: Thin silk and soft cotton fast absorption surface allows the liquid to absorb three times faster.
2ndlayer: International advanced active oxygen farIR anion chip
3rd layer: Airlaid paper wrapped
4th layer: Super absorbent polymer(SAP imported from Japan)
5th layer: Professional diversion layercan accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak
6th layer: airlaid paper wrapped
7th layer: PE breathable leakproof bottom layer
8th layer: Adhesive glue release paper
Patent No.: 200820052293, 200810073505.5, 200810030633.1 200820104136.7
ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and FDA approved

Panty liner :6 pack panty liner 155mm


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10 pack

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Item Type

Feminine Hygiene


Anion pads


sanitary pad

category 1

Anion pads

category 2

Sanitary Napkin

category 3

menstrual pads

category 4

Sanitary Towels


10 pack Panty Liners

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