shiatsu massager electric relax massage

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shiatsu a massager for neck electric masajeador masajeadores electricos para el cuerpo masazer a massager electric et relaxation

Review tips: a course of treatment program of the massager is set to 15 minutes, to see whether the level is adjusted to the maximum, then to see the ambient temperature, and the sensitivity of the new machine’s heat sensing. Normally, when the internal temperature reaches 60 degrees in 10-15 minutes, it will stop automatically. When the machine is in the heat protection, it will continue to use when it is cold. When the temperature reaches 60 degrees, it will stop automatically. When it is cold, it will continue to use. This is safe All and normal, thank you!
No time for spa?
This massager will solve this problem, it will massage you like a real therapist. Please keep using it and you will get: 1, Relax your muscle 2, Promote a better sleep 3, Reduce your stress
1. Silent motor 2. PU leather 3. Venting hole 4. International certification plug
1. Buckle to free your hands 2. Pull down to deepen the strength
Not only the neck, but also your back, abdomen, waist, arms, legs calf can enjoy this massager.
Product parameters
1. Rated voltage: 220 V/110v
2. Rated Power: 45 W
3. Timing: 15 minutes

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Composite Material

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Massage Relaxation

massage gimmick

malaxation, shiatsu, massotherapy

massage equipment appearance

parallel-chord rectangular


Infrared Heating cushion for leaning on


Top grade PU leather and wear gauze back massage


Full body Massage Cushion Shiatsu Pillow



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