LIFE FC-169 FDA Water Flosser



Product Description


Revoloution of Dental Floss
only 60seconds to get cleaning
1:ultra pressure setting
2:reservoir capacity
3:one button to control
4:7jet tips

Do you have these problem?
1:gum bleeding
2:brown teeth
3:bad breath
4:difficulty of braces cleaning

Our oral irrigator can help ypu!
remove teeth plaque
clean inter-dental are
message the gum
clean othodontics braces

Just one minute flossing after dinner.better your oral health food debris removement/periodontal pocket improve-ment /othodontics cleaning/tongue coating removement

Multifunction Jet Tips

3pcs of standard jet tips-standard jet tips with different colors for families.
1pc of plaque brush tip-best for cleaning of impianted teeth,denture,dental bridge
1pc of orthodontic tip-best for cleaning of orthodontic brace
1pc of periodontal pocket tip- best for periodontal pocket
Tongue scraper-best for tongue

Ultra Pressure Control :adjusting water pressure (30-125ps)easily

Multifunctional Switch
press the button to turn ON/OFF rotate it clockwise to increase pressure

Intelligent Timer
3minutes automatically power off. extended life span of machine

Reservoir Capacity
600ml water reservoir enough for 2minutes of usage

High Frequency Pulse
1200-1700 water pulse per minute
message the gum,improve blood circulation

Rotable Jet Tip
adjustable the direction of water jet for complete cleaning

Pause Switch
you can pause the water flow by ON/OFF switch in the handle,friendly use

High Quality Motor
high precision DC motor with excellent power durable. power water jet.
18W high precision motor
500% increasing life span

Removable reservoir,easily cleaning
reservoir and jet tips box can be separated for easily cleaning and disinfection

Imported Hose
US imported hose, certified by FDA
it can be stretched to 90cm,friendly use

dust cover
removable jet tips storage
600ml removable reservoir
rotating tip base
tip eject button
pause button
power and pressure switch
flexible hose
base sucker


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Electric Oral Irrigator

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Oral Irrigator

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