Irrigator Water Flosser

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Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Floss Irrigator Water Flosser Teeth Cleaning Dental Flosser Hygiene Oral Irrigator Water Pick Jet

Removes debris and reduces bacteria
Improves gum health
Cleanses braces, bridges, crown & implant
Easy to adjust for temperature & pressure

Manual hydraulic without battery, physical pressing principle
Don’t be afraid to go to the dentist next time. It’s never been easier to practice a good mouth at home, thanks to the power cord.
Flossing is one of the most important elements to take care of your teeth, but many people hate the painful task. Using the power cord, you can gently remove the plaque that causes the debris and clean those hard-to-reach surfaces, all of which are painless devices. As seen on the TV, it uses air and water to carefully remove what is missing from brushing. Just fill the water, tap, and press. Air infusion technology gently blows off unwanted particles and removes gaps in the teeth. You can also fill the power cord with a mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh. The ergonomic design and low profile tip help reach the posterior teeth and are ideal for keeping the stent, bridge or other dental work clean. No more worry about teeth or dental floss. Get fast, easy, and painless with it.

Package Include:
1 x Oral Irrigator (without battery)


High quality

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Dental Flosser

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None Electric



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oral irrigator

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