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5box=50pcs Wholesale Herbal Pads panty liner Feminine Hygiene gynecological pad Female Health Care Chinese Herbal sanitary Pads
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Product Name: Furuize Fuleshu Gynecological Pad
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Furuize Herbal pads Usage:

1.Tear the profective paper and past the plaster in the middle of underpants tightened to the vulva.

2.Being used 3 days before and 4 days after the menstruation period.1 ,2 pieces each day.

Suitable for the crowd:

Suitable for gynecological mould sex vulvitis, abnormal sex vulvitis, vulva Sao is urticant, vulva eczema, and can be used for vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, annex inflammation and gynecological genital infection disease adjuvant therapy; prevention and treatment of postpartum, abortion after wound infection; antipruritic antibacterial, clean and care, dispel peculiar smell. Suitable for women’s daily care, nourishing yin and moisturizing lubrication.

Function of Furuize Herbal pads Fuleshu:

No.1 Quick efficacy, safe and highly reliable,relieve the itching and eliminate the abnormal odor within five seconds. It doesn’t destroy the acid base balance in vagina and no allergy to the skin and mucous membrane.

No.2 Keep Clean, Convenient and Hygienic,it not only can kill and expel the pathogen, but also prevent the entrance of bacterial from the outside and keeping the vulva clean all the time; Individual and sterile package, which totally tally with the female’s using habit for the sanitary product; it is convenient to take and use without any influence and embarrassment whether working, on business or sporting.

No.3 Continuous protection and curing.It dispels the blank period daytime of the traditional protection, provides day and night protection for the female. Because the vagina is more easily infected in the daytime than at night, if only protect and cure at night, it will delay the time of suffering, reduce the effective rate, and make the symptom recurrent. Only the day and night continuous protection can reach the good result.

No.4 Fresh and comfortable

The pad is soft and comfortable.

No.5 No toxicity and side effect

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Brand Name


Model Number

Herbal Pad

Item Type

Feminine Hygiene


100% Chinese Herbal



Herbal Pad Item Name 1

Herbal Pad

Herbal Pad Material

Chinese Herbal

Herbal Pad Item Name 2

Fuleshu panty liner

Herbal Pad Product Life Time

2 Years

Herbal Pad Quantity


Herbal Pad Item Name 3

panty liner

Herbal Pad Item Name 4

Gynecological Pad

Herbal Pad Item Name 5

Fuleshu Gynecological Pad

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