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Ingredient:Guarana Extract 10:1


Model NumberGuarana Extract 10:1

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Guarana Extract 10:1 Beauty to raise colour,appetite control, physical recovery, energy supplement, physical fitness

Amazon’s tropical jungle is full of pestilence, floods, snakes, beasts and various tropical diseases. Under the most unfavorable natural conditions for human survival, in the primitive forest without medical facilities, it is quite difficult for human beings to live to 50 years old. However, in this harsh environment, there are many centenarians in the Maues area of Guarana wilderness. For centuries, the average life expectancy of Indians in Maues has reached over 80 years, which is much higher than that of Brazil and other civilized cities in the world. What is more peculiar is that Maues is seven or eighty years old. He looks like a man of four or fifty years old and full of vigor. His age and appearance are so incompatible. Local Indians eat Guarana every day. They believe that Guarana is the source of their youth, beauty and longevity. Compared with other areas, the Indians of Maues have strong vitality and the highest average life span. The mysterious power that Guarana brings to their longevity is the reason why Indians regard Guarana as a rare treasure. Guarana is a natural fruit. It takes 4-5 years to plant before it blossoms and bears fruits. It is abundant in 7-9 years. Economic crops harvested once a year and yielding more every other year have very high nutritional value and contain very nutritious amino acids, alkaloids, tannins, vitamins and carbohydrates. They are very conducive to the absorption of human tissues, and have the effect of changing human tissue structure and prolonging life. They are suitable for both men and women, old and young. They are the highest camp found in the world today. Nurturing plants, especially a large number of people who use their brains and physical strength, as well as people with chronic diseases and those who seek beauty and beauty, keep young and beautiful people “Guarana” fruit is the treasure of human dream.

Refreshing and refreshing
Beauty to raise colour
nourishment for vitality

Control appetite

Reduce weight

Relieving abdominal pain

Restores the physical strength

Supplementary energy

Strong physique

Healthy heart

Reduce fatigue

Enhance vitality

Supplementary gum

Adjust blood circulation


Guarana Extract 10:1









Model Number

Guarana Extract 10:1

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