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Myostimulator Microcurrents Electrodes Muscle Stimulator FZ-1 Lcd Low Frequency Massager For Back Neck Foot Leg Russian langauge

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  • SBS microcomputer electromassage (Model FZ-1)


    Electrical massage “SBS” is intended for treatment and preventive maintenance of a number of diseases by low-frequency influence by weak electrical pulses of the special form that simulating process of influence of manual massage.

    The device is applied in preventive maintenance and treatment by the medical personnel in stationary conditions, and patient at home and road conditions, at observance of the requirements of the present instruction.

    Use of this device:

    • Allows to improve an exchange of substances.
    • Allows to stimulate local microcirculation.
    • Promotes deducing of substances
      causing an inflammation.
    • Prevents merging of tissues.
    • Weakens a pain.

    The indications to application and expected effect:

    • Esthetization.
    • Restoration of mobility of joints.
    • Normalization of a condition of muscles.
    • Removal of a spasm.
    • Improvement of local circulation of the blood.
    • Normalization of an exchange of substances.
    • Removal of inflammations and edemas.
    • Prevention of union, resolve of the bruises.
    • Normalization of dream, calming influence.

    The massage device “the Convenient Doctor”

    Dot influence an effective way of treatment and preventive maintenance of illnesses produced for thousand years. That this traditional way of treatment became accessible to broad masses, the employees of the Center of therapy by a needle and Research Institute “Tzinlo” of the Chinese medicine of a province Ankchoj have developed the microcomputer bioelectrical massage device simulating various variants of influence on active points of organism. The scientists have lead the careful analysis of methods and receptions of massage, which are used by the doctors, investigated dynamic curves of physical and physiological reactions of various influences, have lead complex clinical tests. Then, using advanced techniques of electrical modeling, have created the given device simulating active influence on points, the massage device FZ-1.

    The clinical tests which have been carried out in many hospitals, have proved, that the given device is effective at treatment of diseases of the jugular vertebrae, inflammation of a shoulder joints, weariness of the small of the back muscles, joint pains and other several tens diseases.

    People for a long time working with bent small of the back, neck or in any static poses, constantly using the given device, can reduce weariness of muscles, improve a nutrition of a tissue of muscles, prevent occurrence of weariness and other occupational diseases.

    The given device is especially effective at treatment of sports traumas and weariness from movement.

    After sharp and chronic damages of muscles, joints, soft tissues there is a pain. Because of a nervous reflex the protective reaction of organism results in a condition spasm, that breaks circulation of the blood of a tissue. Therefore, key moment of treatment is the removal of a spasm.

    JQ’s awards

    It can be used at treatment of the bed-patients. The people of average and elderly age, constantly using the given device, can slow down aging and deterioration of the impellent device, by strengthening a nutrition of muscles and interfering their easing.

    The given device corresponds to the industrial and medical standards, has the steady characteristics, is safe, is reliable and is convenient in application. It has received a high estimation of the experts and has caused the large interest of broad masses of the population. The device corresponds to an advanced international level and holds a patent. It is possible to tell that it is a successful example of creation Know-how from ancient traditions of the Chinese medicine.

    We are sure, that the given device will help you to get rid of many problems, will bring to you happiness and health.

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Multi Size SML

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Massage & Relaxation


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9V (not include)

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