Dental Flosser Brush Tooth Picks



Product Description


100% new high quality.


Bring you the ultimate freshness and clean feeling.


Safe, healthy and easy to use floss.




Material: plastic + polyester yarn


Color: as shown


Size: 7.5 cm


Quantity: 50 pcs, 40 pcs (love tube, cylinder), 20 pcs (optional)


Weight: 50 pcs 40 pcs: 30 g, 20 pcs: 10 g


Construct a healthy, environmentally friendly nylon that is harmless to oral hygiene.

Functionally removes plague and debris that cannot be reached by normal toothbrushes and slides easily between the teeth.

Wide bow for easy access.

Clean the area where the toothbrush cannot reach.

Floss floss gives you the ultimate freshness and clean feeling.

Easy to operate, everyday use.

Helps fight bad breath and gingivitis.

Helps remove plaque areas between teeth that are not cleaned by the toothbrush.

Package Included:

a box of dental floss


Item Type

Dental Flosser

Model Number

Dental Floss


Plastic, nylon wire



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