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Chinese Herbs Vaginal Tighten Gynecological Gel Trichomonas Female Sex Health Vagina Tightening Nursing Care Anti Itching Inflammation Gel
1 Lot = 5PCS/BOX (5 days is one treatment cycle)
Valid: 2 years
Cure of cervicitis suggest to use 3-6 treatment cycles
Cure of Bacteriala vaginitis suggest to use 2-3 treatment cycles
Cure of Candida vaginitis suggest to use 2-3 treatment cycles
Gynecological gel is designed for women reproductive health care,resulting in surprisingly tightening vagina,a well lubricated and warming sensation that enhances sexual pleasure and sexuality,killing bacteria,keeping the PH value balance of vagina internal environment,its It is not only a medicine ,but also a healthcare product for global women.
Used for cervicitis. Cervical erosion and bacteria, viruses, mold, such as trichomonas vaginitis caused. Pruritus vulvae. Yellow belt, etc., and is used to improve vaginal dryness. Pain and other symptoms of sexual intercourse of sterilization. Itching. Lubrication. Care
The main function:
1)Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammation, Anti endometritis ,Anti annextitis, exclude toxin,detoxification, disinfection for vagina. Eliminate peculiar smell,balance PH value.prodect the inner chamber away from vigina.
2)Tightening vagina, Koro, delay aging. Restore vagina.
3)Enhance sex pleasure,sex feeling,improving the quality of sexual life.
4)Eliminate peculiar smell,odor,Malodor,itching. And protect ovary.
Fit for Women scope:
1. Cervical erosion;
2. Trichomonas vaginitis;
3. Abnormal vaginal discharge,leucorrhea abnormal;
4. Mycotic vaginitis;
5. Pelvic inflammation,endometritis
6. Loose,aging and dryness vagina
7. Irreparable,inelastic vagina, red and swollen,pruritus.
1) Frequent sexual life of women
Vaginal dryness, low degree of vaginal sensitivity, lack of lubrication, sexual intercourse pain, sexual life without pleasure of women;
2) The women is plagued by Gynecological disease
Gynecological chronic problems, long treatment of women, need treatment conditioning, restore balance;
3) The woman had a baby
After childbirth, vaginal relaxation, no flexibility, vaginal can’t grip men’s penis during sexual life;
4) The women ever did artificial abortion
Repair damaged vaginal wall, improve their own immunity, suitable for female hormone sharp decline, face spots increased;
5) Women’s vulva is dark
Deep dark color vulva caused by sex life, excessive friction at private parts, melanin precipitation;
6) Sedentary and Less sports women
Long-term sedentary women will cause the vaginal and pelvic muscle subsidence, the vaginal can not be contraction well , resulting in abnormal smell and so on.
Herbs Trichomonas Clear Gel
【Ingredients】 Argentum Nanol, safflower, Cortex Phellodendri, Cnidium, Motherwort, Menthol, Sessile Stemona Root, Borneol, bitter ginseng, Chlorhexidine acetate, etc.
【Application】 Effective inhibition of Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus caused by skin discomfort, and the health care sexual life before and after , is the daily or travel skin cleaning and health protection of the effective supplies.
【Eliminate microorganism Category】Has a bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus aureus, White Candida and Escherichia coli.
【Usage】 At night before going to bed, take a trichomonas clear gel (please clean your hands and vulva before use), opened the Insurance cover of injector, Unplug Sterile Top hat, natural supine, higher the buttocks, legs separated, inserted into the vagina slowly about 6cm-7cm, put the sterile top hat behand the injector, push out all the gel slowly, pulled out the device slowly after 2-3 minutes. Lying in bed for 1-2 hours, avoid the drug out of the body. Once per day before sleeping, 5 days is a phase. (Can be directly applied to vulva, no need cleansing).
【Dosage form】 Water-soluble gel, colorless or light brown, fragrance taste, mild nature.
【Note】 This product is for external use, is strictly prohibited oral; Disable for children and virgin, pregnant women use with caution, don’t use in menstrual period.
For the lactating women, it is recommended to used after 6 months of childbirth.
【Specification】 5g/pc , 5 pcs / box
【Execution standards】 Q/jkl003-2016
【License】 GANWEIXIAOZHENGZI(2017) No. 0005
【production enterprise】Jiangxi Kanglin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
How to use:

1.It is better to use this tightening gel before your bedtime per day,lying down will reduce leakage of the medication from your vagina
2.Wash your vagina area with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly
3.Gently insert the pre-filled applicator into your vagina only as far as it will confortable go. Inserted into the vagina slowly about 6cm-7cm, push out all the gel slowly, pulled out the device slowly after 2-3 minutes. Lying in bed for 1-2 hours, avoid the drug out of the body. Once per day before sleeping, 5 days is a phase.
4.Push the plunger of the applicator until it stops. Remove the applicator from the vagina
5.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Discard the applicator if it is disposable.
6. Can be directly applied to vulva, no need cleansing.
Disinfection Products Production License

Introduction to Gynecological Vaginal Gel
Some people will feel the vaginal itch after using the herbs gel, and some people use one gel can see the effect, but some people used a lot of gels start to see the effect. According to the severity of inflammation, different physical cases, the length of time is different. The following is the possible problems and answers after use of Vaginal Gel:

Discharge of many dander class or only row of debris1) dander tissue is the uterus inside every month without shedding clean inner membrane, or vaginal dead skin, which is normal.
2) The Woman discharge only dander organization is very healthy, fast absorption, after use of 2-3pcs Gel, discharge uterine toxin garbage, direct maintenance of the uterus ovaries.
3) lesions hidden deep, and sometimes not appear out. Continue to use, will discharge deep toxins
There are slag-like leucorrhea discharge

1) Endometrial peeling is not complete, deposition in the uterine folds without discharge of the intima.
2) have fungal vaginitis.

Discharged plasma slag or blood clotsIt is the Menstruation blood which long-term attached on the uterus, now because of cell regeneration, improve uterine contraction of the phenomenon, it was excreted out now.
Bloodshot is discharge, purulent materialMild or moderate cervical erosion, or pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, cervical polyps and uterine fibroids
Discharge the pink foreskin-like tissue

Our Herbs gel can repair the ectopic endometrial tissue, accelerate metabolism, promote the ectopic endometrial shedding, discharge. Uterine contraction, cervical expansion may cause abdominal pain, no need to worry. The abdominal pain will be natural relief after discharged. The longer the endometriosis, the greater the risk of infection with gynecological diseases, our Herbs gel can reduce the resulting gynecological diseases.

Vaginal increased secretion, and bad Odor1) Bad odor secretions are discharged by herbs gel, indicating that suffering from inflammation or pelvic inflammatory disease, not completely cured;
2) The vagina garbage is not promptly clean up. Treatment: sooner or later clean up the vaginal waste, timely wash the vulva with warm water.

The relationship between effluent and disease:

v Below discharge things maybe caused by Endometritis or Pelvic inflammatory disease

^ Above light yellow discharge, indicating a more serious infection, obvious inflammation

v Below discharged the Ecchymosis is like sand, maybe it is caused by long-term uterus inflammation

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Gynecological Trichomonas Gel


5g/PC 5PCs/ box

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Feminine Hygiene

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Product series

Gynecological Trichomonas Gel

Applicable people

Adult Woman


Chinese herbal medicine

Specifications and types

Conventional single product

Net content

5g/PC, 5 PC/ box

Cure 1

Candida vaginitis

Cure 2

Bacterial vaginitis

Cure 3

vagina tightening


vaginal tightening gel


2 years

vagina care

vagina cleaner

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