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Cactus seeds oil contains a lot of fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin E and phenolic compounds. Which includes a large number of essential fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid, these are not in the body of the body and must be obtained from the fat. The study of fatty acids in the human body’s health level of hydration, research on the application of linoleic acid in the skin to fight inflammation, reduce acne, moisturizing function has obvious effect; and essential fatty acid deficiency can lead to premature aging of skin and wrinkles; cactus seeds oil has been scientifically proven to contain 2 times the vitamin E, vitamin E deficiency symptoms including hair dry, hair loss, wound healing, etc.. cactus seeds oil also contains rare plant species, the plant can help soften the skin, stimulate the skin to stimulate the pores, restore the natural lipid barrier. Polyphenols are known as the antioxidant, it can not only delay the skin aging, but also to extend other antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, the role of time.
Traditional cactus seeds oil is used to do for the protection of the liver or blood circulation agents, such as high cholesterol and atherosclerosis, it is very good tonic, say it is an aphrodisiac. It can enhance the body’s resistance, cactus seeds oil also contains rare plant species, the plant has not been found in other oil until now. Essential fatty acids affect cell mobility, help prevent moisture from the skin, nose, lungs, digestive system and brain drain, it also acts on the prostaglandin, reduce pain and swelling and promote blood circulation.
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Anti Wrinkle Cream
cactus seeds oil rich in cholesterol and polyphenols and other ingredients can help skin metabolism, delay skin aging process. Plant sterols help soften the skin, stimulate the pores detoxification, restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier; and polyphenolic compounds as antioxidants is due to its well-known against free radicals, anti wrinkle and freckle.
Moisture replenishment
cactus seeds oil natural high vitamin E content and essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid can effectively restore and maintain skin moisture, repair the dry and rough skin; cactus seeds oil can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and give your skin supple and shiny.
Hair care
The cactus seeds oil painting in the hand kneading and then smear the endings in the hair, can increase the hair nutrition, cactus seeds oil is rich in vitamin E can repair the hair dry, bifurcation, reduce dandruff.
cactus seeds oil is best used for hair care, hair care, hair care is not cheap, but the effect is very significant, many hair problems such as dry hair, lack of luster and hair curl through the use of this magical oil can be resolved, these hair damage can be effectively resolved the reason is not only cactus seeds oil more vitamin E than aloe vera and Omega3, it is also rich in Omega and 6, which can provide a support to the hair, Morocco cactus seeds oil has the following advantages:
* cactus seeds oil is rich in Omega 3 and omega9, and other unsaturated fatty acids, so it can be very easy to dry absorption and repair your damaged hair and hair follicles;
It can be very good to increase the luster of hair;
Different from other hair oil cactus seeds oil is not greasy, can prevent hair curling and hair;
cactus seeds oil does not stimulate, can help soften the hair;
Used to deal with hair that has been damaged by the use of other chemical products;
cactus seeds oil can immediately be absorbed by the hair, the hair of the hair to absorb the moisture;
It can also be as a protective layer of harmful UV protection, the protection of hair is not subject to environmental pollution;
Because of the high content of vitamin E in cactus seeds oil, it has a very significant effect on hair growth;
Inhibit hair fork and hair loss
There are special effects in treating chilblain
cactus seeds oil is rich in sterols, polyphenols, squalene and vitamin E in the prevention and treatment of frostbite, skin cracking, skin diseases and other skin problems with good results.
Acne and scar repair
cactus seeds oil containing squalene and other ingredients has proved against skin cancer, and is widely used in repairing acne, acne and general stain, and prevent the newborn. It can also help repair scar.
Maternal and infant skin care products
cactus seeds oil painting in the abdomen for alleviating and eliminating striae of pregnancy, pregnancy spots, 100% pure natural organic cactus seeds oil is good care of baby’s delicate skin products, help to deal with dry skin, ease the flush.
Soften cuticle
Use a few drops of cactus seeds oil on your nails or skin, gently rub, can effectively protect your fragile nails, soften your body’s excellent aging skin.
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